Saturday, October 30, 2010

Back to KL.

Finally. After going through up and down this semester, 29.10.2010 marked the last day in our semester. And my last paper was Hydraulic at 9am today. Struggle the whole Thursday just to make sure I can answer it. Even sacrificing my sleep for it. And straight to class and exam.

Anyway, glad its over already. Yes, I screwed up a few subjects this semester thanks to the problem that had been bugging me since July. And yeah, I'm recovering from it. More post means I'm getting better day by day. Okay so I didn't sleep last night, and after the test, I decided I want to get home before evening. Earlier wanna get a bus to KL, but instinct told me I better ride Rolla so that my study leave/holiday will not be so boring. So, packed everything and I'm ready to go!
12.45pm. 300km trip.

I had been experimenting with the fuel pressure since the first post I made bout it. Searching high and low for the best setup to suit me. So I know 3.5bar is for drifting/speeding setup, then dropped down to 3.2bar; but the consumption is bad for daily. Then dropped to 3bar, 2.6bar and finally stay at 2.8bar. From Google, some said the stock pressure is 2.6bar, while some said 2.8bar.

Anyway, the last time Rolla went to JB which is 2weeks ago, the total consumption for 300km is RM60 worth of petrol. Once it reached the 300km mark, the tank was already really empty. So I was like "Fuck", this car's fuel consumption is effing bad. The fuel pressure was 3bar that time. The average speed is 120km/h @ 4000rpm. The consumption was 0.20cent per kilometer. And the first week Rolla at JB, I need to fill in RM70 of fuel for just 280km trip. Really hurt my wallet. The first week consumption was 0.25cent per kilometer.

Okay, so for the second week, I drop the pressure to 2.8bar, and only fill the tank with RM25 petrol. So I reduce the usage of Rolla to save up some RM. The total distance traveled for second week was 160km. So the second week consumption was 0.16cent per kilometer. See, some improvement there just by dropping 0.2bar.

So, for today's trip, again Rolla was filled with RM60 of petrol. Plus some balance that I had, I estimate it around RM10 worth of petrol. So total was RM70 of petrol. Same pressure, 2.8bar. But the difference is that I'm driving at a constant speed of 100-110km/h only, and the rev was at 3250-3500 rpm. Yeah, turtle speed, even get passed by a lot of bus and lorry today.
 Biar lambat, asal selamat ya!

The average temp was 60degree. Rolla do not have thermostat by the way. For town use, the temp was around 70degree, and at night it dropped till 55degree.

4hours later, arrived safely at my home. Kinda impressed with the new heart, Blacktop coz I have this skeptic that old car couldn't make it; the long journey I mean. So total distance traveled was 322km, and the fuel consumption?

Ignore the fuel indicator. Rolla's having float problem so it will not shows the correct balance if I turn left/right. After awhile, the indicator rise up to half tank! Which mean the petrol that it used is RM35. Overall consumption was 0.11cent per kilometer!

From 0.20cent to 0.11cent; that is almost half of it just by dropping the pressure and the revving. Im using the same Petronas RON95 by the way. Anyway, I'm glad I arrived safely, and Rolla's got my respect for not breaking down or having problem since the Blacktop was drop in.

So far, I am satisfied with the engine, except one thing that I didn't know was that 20v Blacktop suffer at low end rev. Mid range power depends on the fuel pressure. I found out that 3.5bar is the sweet spot for me, while high rev also depends on the pressure but even at 2.8bar or 2.6bar; high end revving is the secret key for Blacktop. The 16v 4A-GE have this bottom power. No wonder many enthusiast will opt this over 20v considering that 16v just plug and play for most xE7x body while 20v need this conversion kit to make it happened.

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