Friday, October 29, 2010

Random : Take Five.

From KL to JB and now its time to go back home. Did some observation on the way back home. I'll post it tonight. Snapped at R&R Ayer Keroh. Its been awhile since I used my 50D. Tomorrow gonna do some upgrading on the fuel system, and MAYBE on Sunday, I am joining a drift competition at Putrajaya if everything goes well.

Like it? Hate it? I know the car is tall. I'll slam it back if anyone want to do a photo shoot.


Stanley Carter said...

Function over form, I think your car still looks great despite not being too 'slammed' enough.

Rosso said...

Yeah. UTM & my housing area have the best tall hump ever. Definitely need to go to Japan if wanna go slammmmm max. Kekeke.

And wat's worst, the 14' x 8j with 0 offset also still cant flush the rear wide arches. Damnnn~


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