Sunday, October 24, 2010

DIY : Brake Switch, Idle Screw or Screw the Idling?

So here's some progress on Rolla this week. Kinda free now coz my semester is gonna end next week. Most of my subject had already finished their syllabus; now focusing on my second test and finally a break before our final exam. So, using my free time; tried to do some fixing on Rolla. This time on my own. No workshop or friends helping. Just a few phone call and SMS asking around few close friend. Hehehe.

Was trying to adjust the idle coz Rolla's idle was at 1.6k to 2k. That's just plain unnecessary! So, decided to fix it myself. First thing that I touched was this sensor. Earlier I thought this is the thing that I need to touch in order to lower the idle. And guess what? I was wrong! HAHA.

I snapped some photos and MMS it to Joe 40cent, and was told this is a throttle position sensor/ TPS. Yeah, I already adjusted it before I MMS it, and surprise. I wasn't suppose to touch it without a proper reader, a multimeter I guess. There should be a lag when I press the throttle if I wrongly adjusted it, but lucky me I get a better throttle response after I touched it.

So called another friend, Bakat and was told that the same thing like Joe told me, find the idle screw, which is actually located here after finding it for a few minutes. Located at the linkage for the four throttle. So now I know what it is it and how it worked. Adjusted the idle till it drop to 1.1k RPM.

The next day, decided to DIY the brake switch. Yea, Rolla had been running without brake light since the new engine was in. So I went to a local sparepart shop, bought the new switch for KE70 at RM30, and ready to change it.

After the old switched removed, found out that my switch is different from the new one. I guess the new one is for GL and not for DX. Just my guess.

So went back to the shop and yes, they have the switch that has the same size, but different socket. So I chopped the old socket and fit it to the new switch. Unfortunately, the light still didn't lit up, so my final guess is that the wiring had busted.

Some oil treatment for the 'mighty' Blacktop.

Conclusion :
*Dont touch your TPS unnecessarily.
*Adjusting the idle is one simple task.

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Stanley Carter said...

Good to have learn something new everyday! ^^


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