Saturday, October 30, 2010

Photography : 50mm & Rolla.
 Started to love butt shot now!
Arrived at 4.45pm, and it was raining heavily. And couldn't get myself a rest, and waited for the rain to stop, and here goes an impromptu photo shoot of Rolla. Just use the 50mm lens this time. Come to realize that my camera had not been utilized since over a month ago. Sweat on the neck strap had been 'eating' the body. Damn it.

Tomorrow's activity:
Fit in back Rolla's 2nd fuel pump.
Fit in back the surge tank.
Fit in back the oil catch tank.

What for? I thought of joining a novice drift competition this Sunday. KBS Drift Force something.. We'll see how it goes tomorrow.


cik kuntum said...

suka gmbo last! hee. gdluck utk competition tu. :D

Rosso said...

Suka knape ekk? Cite skitt :P
Thanks. Tak sure lg nak join ke tidak.

Stanley Carter said...

Your car is looking hella gorgeous the more I look at it!

Rosso said...

Thanks for the compliment Stan!


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