Friday, October 8, 2010

DIY : 4-Throttle Trumpet Filter.

Got myself a deal from Dworks. A set of trumpets for the Blacktop 20v. Medium length. So I guess it should improve mid-range power?

Rolla had been running without any filters since I got it back. Yes, it improved the performance coz there is no air restriction, but the downside is that it sucked everything thus making the internal dirty and probably damaged.

So a friend, Zacque Leong gave me this link thru Facebook not long ago, and from that it gave me some idea on how to work it out by myself. One fine weekend, I decided to woke up early and went to a local hardware to find some materials.

To make it happened, I bought a few meters length of wire mesh, a gasket gum (I dunno the real name HAHA), some screws for the front lip becoz it kept falling all over the road, and it left me with one more thing, which is the filter. Was thinking of using women's sock/legging as the filter, but then I cant find it that time, so I went to a motorcycle spare part shop. Asked the owner for a motorcycle air filter, the stocking type. He mentioned that it does exist, but for superbike or something.

Alternative? Asked him for a regular filter for normal bike. Bought two sets of it coz 1 piece can be cut into two small pieces. Filter was meant for a bike called 'Y100'. Dunno which model. Overall cost:
*Wire mesh = RM5.
*Gasket gum = RM20.
*Filter = RM6 x 2.
*Screws = RM2.

Closer inspection on the filter.

So what I did was cut it according to the trumpet's base shape. Same procedure goes for the filter too.

The idea is to make two set of wire mesh and a piece of filter. Then sandwich the filter between the wire mesh. Make it four sets for each throttle body.

Test fitted it. So far so good.

Everything went smooth till the third trumpets.

The fourth? Unfortunately, my clutch pump was too close to the fourth intake. Which mean? I cant fit in the trumpet for it. And again, I do not have enough tools to modified the trumpet; which I did try, and the results? Damaged trumpets. HAHA. So? Use back the rubber trumpet with the sandwiched filter in it.

Started the engine, and drove it around. The noise was very nice. You can hear the air being sucked with some metal 'ting' noise. BUT, Rolla was like fucked. It behaved like it didn't get enough fuel or air whenever I full throttle it. Normal driving is okay. Beyond 3000rpm it didn't perform at all.

Back to trouble shooting, checked out for any vacuum leaking and checked the fuel regulator and what not, and came to a point where I decided that I should reversed the thing that I had done that day. So I removed the filter, and wallah! Rolla behaved like normal back, but with extra power and noise.

 Photo credit : Zamil. Awesome one dude!

Yes, the trumpets have slight improvement on acceleration. A light throttle gives a smooth acceleration overall.
Yes, the trumpets do produce beautiful noise when the Vtec kicked in.
Yes, 3.5bar on my fuel regulator improves my fuel consumption!
No, the filters were too restrictive. Will try women's legging/stocking or other options soon.


Hyper said...

I'm flattered,your welcome!. Will still consult you first if i happen to have a 16V/20V ITB, those are properly done man,props!

Mike Kong said...

get the filters from K&N or Piper X =) its better than the spounge i guess...

if u insist in using the spounge, get the replacement element for the HKS mushroom and do will work like normal

Rosso said...

Hyper, lets lepak soon.

Mikey, thanks for the great idea bro!!


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