Sunday, October 24, 2010

Accessory Shop Visit.

I'd been busy with Rolla since she arrived in JB with me. Kinda excited every day coz there's still a long to-do list with Rolla. So here's another session.

Finally its time for Rolla to have some proper audio. The old speaker is still running good, but every time I turned on the radio, the exhaust note is actually louder than the speaker's sound. So, time to swap to a new speaker. Just some cheapo China speaker and a new tweeter.

Here's the old one. Anyone need it? Gonna let go at RM40 for all. If not, I'm gonna put it into the front door as Rolla's front speaker.

The next day, went to an aircond shop as per told by friends that aircond shop can do brake lamp wiring and it is cheaper to compare to the accessory shop. But this shop do both, so the price aint that cheap.

Decided to get Rolla a new antenna coz the old one had busted already.

And a new room light. Cant find a NOS or square design room light, so decided to use this UFO room lamp. Really a no no for a retro look but cant do a thing coz I cant find similar one. For Rolla, the theme is retro-racy looks and some modern touch. That's why Rolla do not have extra accessory such as fog light, Ah beng lights (Except the UFO lamp),or whatever inside. The interior is bone stock except the seats, the meters and the steering wheels.

My last tinted film didn't pass the Puspakom inspection so it was ripped before the inspection. Solution? This sunshades! Some privacy finally and saved me a few hundreds if I wanna tint it again.
Was doing some spring cleaning after that, and found out that Rolla has some extra box under the glove box. Heck, it was too small to keep anything except for receipts or some papers. Guess what I found?

Some vintage receipt from the PLUS Highway! Dated wayyy back at 07-06-1989. That was even before I was born yaw! Stated there 'Johor Bharu Toll Plaza" and RM1. The previous previous previous, etc owner might have a lot of work in Johor I guess. The receipt is still in mint condition.

And another paper receipts I found is this summon receipt! There's six of em. I guess previous owner must be taikor for getting a lot of summon receipts! Issued on 21/12/1988! Rolla's original place is at Malacca and the previous previous previous owner must traveled a lot to Johore to get this much summons.


Stanley Carter said...

Vintage summons in a vintage ride, haha!

Kyle said...

Surprise finds, always good ;)

Mobilespeed said...

if u really want some good, cheap accessories for the car...let's drove down to Kota Tinggi next time...:)

Rosso said...

Along, alright! Aritu dah lepak dengan Rudy.. Pasni bleh jadi rutin la kat JB ni..


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