Sunday, October 31, 2010

Competition Preparation.

So, after been 'jacked' by a few friends of mine, I finally decided to join a novice drift competition tomorrow at Putrajaya. Gonna be there at 7am to test the car before deciding to join or not. If didn't get the feel, then I'll just snap photos for tomorrow's event. For tomorrow and the future, Rolla will be equipped back with its 2nd pump and surge tank. Cant stand the fuel surge anymore. So I went back to the workshop that did the engine conversion to get my stuff back and fit it in back there.

 Arrived early yaw!

So while waiting for the foreman to do the job, I snapped some photos there. Here's a Celica with a 1G-GTE powerhouse. Pretty rare to find one nowadays.

Here's my old 4A-GTE 20v. New owner gonna pick it up on Tuesday. All the way from JB.

Here's another shot of the Celica.

Another KE70 with Non-TVIS 4A-GE. Equip 03 knockoff. 15' x 7j with +15 offset. Very lightweight and cheap!

Starlet KP61 dori spec.

Asked Din the foreman to replace all the fuel hoses from front to back with a brand new hose. The green one was doing some clutch pump work.

So here's the new fuel system. Back to its original system when the GTE engine was in. Also asked the foreman to make a manual cut-off switch for the fuel pump just in case anything happened. Safety first.

Also found out that there's leaking at the LSD area, so replaced it with a new oil seal.

In the evening, found out that with two pumps, the fuel pressure is 4bar. Fixed! Cant reduce it even with the regulator. The regulator must be broken or something. The foreman did some fine tuning on the engine, timing or what I didn't checked. Drove out Rolla to test it then, and the awesome feeling has return! Super smooth acceleration. Low end power improved, and for mid range and high end, super awesome. Maybe it is just me, but I do like it. Fuel consumption for sure gonna increase, but now I feel like driving a 4A-GE car. Before this was like driving Jazz. Hehe.

Anyway, gonna go sleep now and gonna do some mental preparation for tomorrow. Wish me luck and I hope everything goes well! Tomorrow gonna be at the track at 7am to test the car first before deciding to join or not. The event is located at the Government building at Putrajaya. Somewhere there. See ya there~


Hadi inc. said...

bro,nk tny workshop ni ktner ek?name pe?ade contact x?

Hadi inc. said...

Aamar,nk tny kedai ni area mana ek?nama pe kdai ni,ade contact x?

Rosso said...

Workshop ni dekat Sg. Udang Kelang.

Nama seperti tertera kat signboard tu.

Try contact 01tujuh 299 885lapan


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