Sunday, October 24, 2010


My problem in JB is that I don't have a proper Internet connection in my college. Yes, I have Maxis 3G Internet for my iPhone but that is for mobile surfing and really not suitable for blogging. For blogging, I need a lot of time and a proper Internet or else I will not have the mood to type some shits. And yes, WiMax, you sucks. It didn't have any signal in my room, and I had been trying to terminate the service. And yes, WiMax didnt have a lot of centers here in JB. The nearest one is located near Tebrau which is quite far from Skudai. So, only when I went to the library I will have the connection I need.

Some hyper-speed at the library! Mind you this is the ground line speed. Not WiFi.

So the problem is; I'll write a lot of stuffs and with different title and in one go. So for now, I'll do bulk post till I have the proper line.

Again, new stuffs for Rolla. Pink harness pad for both driver and passenger. I always have a sweet spot for pink color. Muahahaha. Love it? Hate it?

The new filter elements for the four throttle. Will do it when I have some free times.

Some new coolant and engine degreaser. Also will do it when I have some free time.

And finally met Rolla's brothers here in JB. Met up with some drift/Corolla friends. Also took the opportunity to test the Blacktop and the LSD for some drift action.

Okay so after the session, I can say that I still prefer the 4A-GTE engine and the welded diff. Reason wise? The turbo engine didnt need such high revving to get the rear loose and the welded diff is always a full lock which mean I can predict when the tail is gonna come out.

With this N/A high revving Blacktop, I need to rev it high to get the Vtec to kicked in. And average rev for some donuts and 8-figure was 5k-7k. And 1.5way LSD need some throttle on it to get it locked. Maybe it was me who still need more time and practice with it. N/A is kinda new to me.

Some dark video:

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