Sunday, October 17, 2010

Rolla's Exhaust.

Okay so my house area is filled with this extra tall hump. All of sudden there's a dozen of new one when they resurfaced the road. So I was really like WTF coz Rolla's stance is pretty low, especially the flex pipe and the piping which sit lower than its body. Talking bout stupid workmanship at a lousy exhaust shop.
See? See? Cant even make the exhaust tip aligned with the tunnel.

So I am back in town this weekend, yeah I'll be in town once in two weeks. New rules coz my Dad said even if I am back home every week, I am not physically at home at all. Hahahaha. So got some free time and finally some effort to visit an exhaust shop. Shop called Wei Yip in Balakong. Been there since was with Bee last year. Wei Yip is known for its cheap price tag and I think the workmanship is good.

Going up and cut em all.

Rolla had been running with a 2.3' piping. It was the left over from the Silverturbo engine and yeah, I didn't swapped it when doing the conversion. The noise? From a silent turbo engine, suddenly it became a loud N/A engine. Very loud to me. So why do I need a new set of piping?

Because of this!

A torn flex pipe. Been scrubbing a lot of hump with this. And yes, it leaked. So higher fuel consumption and extra noise from the bottom of the car. Told the worker to make a new set of piping from front till back coz I'm downgrading to 2' pipe size.

Bye-bye rusty pipe.

Took the opportunity to checked Rolla's under carriage. Engine area, no leaking. Good. But this thing concerned me coz the car's making clunking noise whenever the road is not even or going hump. Only right side. Yep, the beam had cracked thanks to the rust. Will fix it at a body shop soon. Meanwhile, I'll just be extra careful with the steering. As you can see, I am using a new set of steering rack for KE70 model and the rack end (Or whatever it is called) is from the Toyota Unser. Just to share. Really no knowledge to explain further so pardon me.

Checked the axle area, and some leaking detected. Definitely not from the axle coz there is no oil stain. Maybe the brake line. Any idea where it came from?

And yeah, the rear adjustable coil over had been set to its max lowered stance. Cant go any further. Wanted to try to adjust the soft-hard setup but I don't know which one is for extra soft of extra hard. Current number is 2.

Weld here and there, and its done. Here's my current exhaust layout. Sit pretty close to the body and yes, it does shake the floor. But for the sake of not scrubbing the hump, I'll just ignore it.

Asked them to make the exhaust to be straight with the tunnel and positioned a bit inside into the body. And yeah, I like it this way.

And its done. So my feedback and conclusion after driving the car for this few days?
  • With 2' size, the exhaust note is 'deeper' and less 'decibel' compare to the 2.3' size. Its quieter lah in other word. Only a bit. Car is still loud if you ask me.
  • Low end RPM improved significantly! Now the acceleration from still to 3000rpm is smoother and I can feel the delivery is better than before. So weak lemau low end RPM is solved with this 2' size. Combine it with 3.5bar of fuel pressure, it is a perfect setup to me for a good acceleration and high speed cruising. Also helped when sideways.
  • Fuel consumption is better after I fixed the piping problem. Other than because of the large diameter of the pipe that contribute to the problem, its the leaking that worsen it. So 2' does improve my mileage.

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