Saturday, January 22, 2011

Campus Life..

Okay so I left Rolla at home after the session coz cant start it. Have to push it to make it start. So bye Rolla. I drove Jazz back to campus. No matter what car I am driving, I dont use it in campus. I do use my bike a lot to travel inside there.

Anyway, I decided to go bald. Free from the messiness. And yes, I am doing some serious tennis now. Almost everyday practice it. Hope to stay fit with this sport.

And that's my new racket. The old one? Damaged frame.

Fofo and Dodo (My hamsters) at campus. Smelly animals yet so adorable. Lulz.

And some update on Pisang (Banana). Thinking of calling it Pisang Goreng (Fried Banana??) now. Hahaha. New stickers, new 'kepok', new spoiler, and a front windshield from 125Z.

Current spec. Beng-ed up but stock performance. Just wanna make it looks new. RM5 for like 90-100km. Yikes!

Anyway, time to continue DotA-ing in the cybercafe!


Syiela O-lala said...

motor tu kalau colour PINK mesti lagi cantik :)

Da Devil said...

oi,when wan to have a round of tennis?hehe

Rosso said...

Syiela, motor Pink nanti kena cop Bapuk/Sotong kat UTM ni..

Mat2 Sotong sini sume gune Ego kaler pink. Ayu gituu...

Kazu, jommm! But I am very noobla. I'm sure you can tapao me easily.


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