Saturday, January 15, 2011

Home Sweet Home.

Yeah I am back home after two weeks without a proper internet line thanks to the 'great' P1 Wimax.

I strongly suggest that no one subscribe this thing. Its plain stupid. I had been using it for like 2 years plus and the had been like using the line for like 1 year and another 1 year wasted due to waiting for it to get some coverage. During promotion of em', everything also nice; "Yea your area is covered with P1". Bullshit. Cant wait to smash the modem to pieces. Gotta wait until YES Broadband is launched in our campus.

Too tired to post a proper writing, so I am gonna stop here. Rolla still have some minor problems like the faulty fuel gauge or maybe its float and the air conditioning system is out again. Damn you.

Anyway, my motorbike which I called Pisang (Banana due its Yellow color) is superbly great. RM5 can go for like 100km. Yikes! That is like RM20-RM30 of Rolla's fuel. Gotta love the 110cc bike. Still, I am going to buy the Momos no matter what. Soon...

Aa another thing, I will be at MARDI tomorrow to have some drifting fun. Its been awhile since my last MARDI session. I'll be there around 6pm. Do come and lets hang out.

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