Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Corolla. Rolla.

Okay, to be honest; I miss my car. I miss driving it. I miss going sideways. I miss the engine noise. I miss the problems. I miss working on my car. Urghh, okay so now I know I cant be far from Rolla this long. Cant wait for the Chinese New Year. 1 week holiday equals a lot of DIY session.

I am thinking to revert back to chrome wheels as too much color looks weird on Rolla. Something like this back.
Suppa stance. But rubbing the fender like mad. Overfender it is.


This kind of color. Chrome. Joe was right. Old school wheels sometimes doesn't need color to make it looks nice. Rolla's current look at the moment. Looks weird with the black fender. Gotta paint it back ASAP.

Anyway, this is me now (After being away from Rolla for awhile):

Time to sleep. Assignments, classes, projects, labs. Duhh.


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