Saturday, January 15, 2011

Faulty Gauge - Solved!

Although I promised to myself that on January I will not touch Rolla, this one is an exception coz this is one of the important gauge to tell the driver if the fuel is about to ran out. So, irritated with the not working gauge, I broke my promise and bought some stuffs to solve this matter.

First, the faulty float. Found out that Din's float also in faulty condition. And then tried to fit in my old float from my KE tank, also in faulty condition. The best way is to buy a new float, and got this after ordering it.

This is a brand new float for Corolla KE70. I am using an AE86 fuel tank, and thank you Toyota for making same parts for both car. Almost all AE86 stuffs can be fitted into KE70. How lovely is that. So this float fit nicely into the AE86 tank. And since I am using socket from KE70 float, this is just plug and play to the car.

And hell yeah, I am glad now coz the gauge is working fine. Yeah, my old gauge behind is not working anymore.


Reuben said...

hey bro.wat meter are u using?is it from the ae111?

Rosso said...

Heard from few friends saying that I am using AE101 dash meter. Automatic dash meter. So far everything worked.

Reuben said...

I see thanks bro.iam putting in mine soon...just worried that the vvt will not open


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