Sunday, January 2, 2011

Goodbye 2010.

Yeah, I am back in college. Currently trying hard to fix a used motorbike, a Modenas Kriss. LOL. Rolla is resting safely inside my house. Want to focus on my study so I leave Rolla at home. Some fixing needed in order to bring Rolla back to campus.

Anyway, my last TT before I went back to JB. Were hanging out with some friends and a special guest from Kuantan, Ariff Firdaus. Yeah, we all miss him.

Some of the photos shot by Ariff. Some Corollas.

Got a chance to sit in a FIA-Rally spec Impreza STi. Full cage endorsed yaww.

And Rolla's current looks.

Does Rolla looks great? No. The black fender ruins it. I guess I'll live with it for awhile. No more rubbing now which is great coz no more tire shredding. And another thing, Rolla gonna have a face lift. I'm gonna swap the front face to a GL face lift.

Bored with the DX face. Current trend for Rolla is a must of the quad round headlight. Gonna go for a square face instead. Something like this..

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