Sunday, January 30, 2011

Saturday Activities.

Yeah, my first day of the 1 week semester break. Fill up the day pretty well. All in all, Rolla is back. Healthy and fit. The starter problem? The lulz thing was, it was only a loose socket! So, fix this and that. Asked the foreman that did the engine job to have a look, and the car is done.

Unfortunately, I am too sleepy now. Had a rib-eye steak for my dinner and I am one fat lazy mafaka now.. Feels like wanna sleep on the couch. Anyway, I promise to do a longer post tomorrow. Hehe. Anyway, some photos and videos:

Its been awhile since I last use the DSLR. Overbright photo due to overexposure. Was at the tire shop. But took like forever to queue for the alignment service, so next time will do.

And while at the workshop. Asked Man to check the TPS sensor too coz  I adjusted it.

And in the evening? Overdose with sideways action.

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