Sunday, January 30, 2011

Wilson Tennis Racket - Faulty? Part II.

Here's the first part.

So I got a replacement racket after returning the damaged racket. Had been waiting for like 3-4 days. So I missed a few practices due to this faulty thing. Anyway, the replacement racket, its the same racket lah basically except its new.

Then, at 6pm; I went to the court and as usual, was having my daily game. And guess what happened one hour later? This cap ayam racket is totally a shitty racket. Reason wise?

C'mon man. This is not a cheap racket. I know I wont buy a cheap racket coz cheap thing no good. This is a RM200 racket. It should serve me better than the RM100 racket. It took me one hour and one normal practice, and the frame is damaged; again? I repeat, AGAIN at the SAME spot.

Wasted two handle grip for these two rackets. And I returned it AGAIN. This time? NO MORE REPLACEMENT. They said need to do further test with the racket and shits. They even claim "How can the racket damaged so quickly? We sold a lot of this model."

Well, I shall wait first. I am sure there's more out there that have the same problem too. Faulty design, by cap ayam Wilson. I know I am not gonna buy Wilson anymore. Already told them I am not going to have the same model for replacement, and I want some refund for the two handle grips I had wasted on both of it.

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