Sunday, January 23, 2011

Wilson Tennis Racket - Faulty?

This is my new racket I bought over three weeks ago.

 And this is now.

The frame is damaged. Again? Both my Wilson racket have this same damage pattern. Damn it.Already returned it to the shop to have it replaced. There's no way a new racket will be damaged this quick. Hmm.. Anyway some Googling and found out I am not the only person having this trouble. I'm sure there's more. Here's the original link.

Never will buy Wilson racket in future,
November 14, 2010
My 9yr old son was playing with this racket for about 1 month until the frame suddenly ruptured. I thought it was due to some material fault and changed the racket for another. To my surprise, the second racket broke when we played for second time! I have to stress that my son does not hit the ball very strongly, he is just 9yr old! He likes Roger Federer and that was why he chose this racket in the shop. But because the frame broke twice at the same place, I feel the design of the racket is compelety wrong, and I feel it is not fair from Wilson to offer such INFERIOR products to people, who buy it because they admire those big profs that play with other Wilson rackets. I would really like to see Roger Federer serving with this racket at US open!

Hope can get it replaced or better; I rather top up a bit to get a better and higher level racket. Anwyay, Wilson sucks.

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Da Devil said...

tats why i ask u to choose Head,wakaka,been hitting on the ground several time due to ball deep too low to base line,still going strong,prince(if still got) would be nice too but the paint will flake off,had to try babolat?


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