Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2011 Project.

Okay, so finally an alternative for my fuel guzzler Corolla. A motorbike. During the 1 month break, I went for my L license for motorbike. So I am finally a legal bike rider. LOL. Earlier wanna buy the Momos bike, and then some objections from my parents due to high risk of accident, so I canceled it. Then, got an offfer from Mok's dad to take his bike.

The only problem is that the bike had not been moving for like a year plus. Not even started. Here's some early snap when I went there. Pretty beaten up coz had been leaved for a long time. Some rust and damaged plastic parts.

And in less than 24 hours, I stripped the bike using whatever tools her dad have.

Worn out, faded and beaten up parts.

And some after market wheels.

And January is my non-Corolla month. I want to have a month free from my Corolla. And to fill up the 'DIY' spot like I normally did, this month I can focus on fixing/restoring the motorbike. Yeah, time to pimp up the bike. Had been planning to swap the cover set to Kriss II, and some brake disc. Just wanna make it presentable and looks nice. I started with the headlamp. Some polish and it looks as good as new already.

This bike gonna be striking color. So I choose Yellow, to be exact Chrome Yellow. Fukking nice color if you asked me. I wish Rolla was this color. Maybe next time?

And some Metallic Black for the black plastic parts.

Also bought a new seat, a new shock absorber, emblem, and also a new meter cover. And quite surprise the price tag are freaking cheaper than modding Corolla. All these are less than RM80! Cant wait to do more mods on the bike.

So I fit some of the cover set and this bike is ready to hit workshop for some repair before I can use it back. Yay! The color is so nice even on the iPhone's camera.

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Amer A. said...

nice weh colour kuning tu.


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