Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Putrajaya Revisit!

At 7pm, I asked Mok whether we are going to Putrajaya or not coz its kinda a big trouble for Bee to travel on heavy rain. Fogging problem, bald tyres, stained window, and etc. But, Mok said its not going to rain. So off we go!

5minutes later, heavy rain fall down! Hahaha. So, with fogging, leakage here and there, poor visibility and bla bla bla, we made it through. Arrived at Putrajaya 1hour later, we decided to go to Taman Warisan first for dinner while waiting for Jaguh to arrive. But he didnt arrived. So, we tapao for him and went to the same location (Palace of Justice, Putrajaya) for a re-photo shoot~

I thought by using a tripod, I will improve on the photography. But I dont think Im improving. Hmm, I think Im running out of ideas to shoot the same car over and over again. Hahaha.

Nevertheless, sharing is caring.

This time Bee only got few photos. Kekeke. Im more on Jaguh's KEtam this time..

5-6years target is making me nuts!

Mok wanted to pose for me this time.

Anyone agree; Mok needs some exercise. Right?!
Back to Jaguh's KEtam..

Sideways KE70 at Putrajaya. Sial punya Afif! Open diff pun tibai sideways here~
New clutch is making the owner to go even more further.

Jaguh = Master of DIY. This time? Extra polished rim. Damn.. Even the hub cap is can spray cover!

Hah, same car again.

Same angle. Boring boring shots.. I dont have any ideas for this car anymore!

Jaguh on the roof. Lucky him coz there's no rust up there.

Mok's pictures. Its been a while since her last photos here. Hehehe.

Model that didnt get paid today. Hehehe.

And finally, the picture of us. Two person that helps me most of the time are them. Thanks guys~


Da Devil said...

waseh...DLSr memang DLSr..pic oso diff...hehe,so nice..can always go to Putrajaya for photoshoot...lolz...too bad my car nt pretty and wif mismatch bumper...cant really take pics..wakaka..

Bumble bee + ketam = ???

Anonymous said...

Mok's pretty cute. ^_^

Anonymous said...

Hehe...someone is complimenting me!!!hehehhe

Rosso-->jangan jeles!!hahaha

nevermind,does not get paid..
i'll ask Rosso to 'belanja'!!!

need exercise ek??wokey..will get it done...

Rosso said...

Kazu - DSLR memang DSLR. But D40 is the lowest spec of DSLR~ You can also maa.. Plz slam it back and borrow la rim sape2, then we go for a shoot ek!! Hehehe.

Stanley - Cute?! Hahahahahaha.. No comment~

Mok - Sukela tu..

Jaguh said...

Your car oso can maaa kazu.. Remove front aero fine dy hehe give it more jahat look, 17" skali lah ya haha.. DSLR makes eveything looks nice.. See my car up close you will say eeeeewww so fugly haha..

Thanks bro pics looks stunning.. If only it were on the weekend and more late.. Can take panning shots and drift pics eheh.. jangan jeles i dont love my car hehe..

Eh moks, Kembang lah tu dipuji haha.


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