Wednesday, March 4, 2009

808 at Putrajaya..

Last week went to see my car. I gave it to Jaguh so he can take care of her. Im too busy with exam last week. Sooooo, some lousy pictures as usual due to night shot. Taken with bare hand, no tripod what so ever.. I will be going to shoot my car again next time. Im bringing a tripod next time. Hehehe.

Tomorrow Jaguh gonna come to my college to repair his broken gear box & related, and YES! 808 gonna be with me XD Im happy and excited coz almost 1 week didnt drive the car. Hehehe. Haih, anyway, due to some unexpected repair on 808, my budget on the adjustable need to be hold first. Hmmm, hopefully Wadi didnt sold it to someone else. Hmmmm... Money money.. Where are you? Come to me!!

The location? Putrajaya as usual. I love the place. Nice building, nice surrounding, no cars, and thanks to Mok and her friend for keepin me company that day..

Find one girl that can adapt to your interest and you both will be fine. Hahaha.

Mok is 'hanging' around.LOL. She's getting bored day by day I think..

Some other pics:

Hmm, Im looking forward to see this car in a "complete" form one day. Man size + dished rims, engine conversion ( Possible engine? 13B, 4AGE, 5k, A15 or maybe un-legalize it by putting CA18DET or SR20DET), full body work treatment, new paint, re-clean & complete working interior, slammed to the ground, and DRIFT!

I'd say this car will take around 5-6 years (Hey, I am 25-26 years old that time and married perhaps!?) to be 'perfect'. So, now? Need to study harder so that I can get a good job one day. Ahaks! And to fullfill my wish list for this car.

Lets hope the engine can bear this long years or otherwise? I will sell the car or my last option is to ask some financial help from my parents which it will be not so handsome on my records.

For now, Im glad with the car's condition. And thanks to Jaguh for taking care of my car. Hehehe. I always owe you big time. One day you'll get the rewards for the good deed.

Anyway, sleep time~


Da Devil said...

mok = monkey or koala bear when hugging the pole?lolz

Rosso said...

Hah. She is bored to death that time..

3R1C said...

bro, good pics!
u gotta do a photoshot on my car when u are here!

Anonymous said...

wei...not koala bear or monkey la kazu...
how dare u!!!!(siap kau!!)hahahahha

not bored la..
just asking Rosso to take some weird pics of me..
always the cute2 ones je..

anyway,just being a goooood supporter to my dear Rosso!!^_^

Rosso said...

Eric - Sure, would love to snap some of your car's pics. Come by KL la..

Mok = Thanks. That is what gf for kan kan? :P


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