Friday, March 20, 2009

Radiator fixed & AutoSol time!

Just took my car from the 'keeper' yesterday. I didnt leave my car at home nor at my college.

Radiator had been welded, service and painted. Looks good BUT the temp is still rising. Any idea where else should I check? Water pump is still working according to Mr. Jaguh.

AutoSol time. Did it with the help from Mok.

'Mazda' wording at the grill had been highlighted with paint marker.

Unfortunately, the rain fall down. So gotta stop first. Just finished front and rear lip only.




Anonymous said...

May i suggest changing the thermostat if its not already done...

3R1C said...

amar, ya thermostat is one thing to check as well as the radiator fan.

one more thing is if there's any blockage in the block?

Vince said...

I would recommend you to install a water temp gauge. It really help when you can see what is happening and it is easy to install. I am quite sure Jaguh can do it. I have explained most of the common issues related to high water temp, hope it could help. Have the car block been serviced before? If not then it could be rust inside the block. Potential of over cooked engine is warped header which really shorten your engine life. Check it out.

Rosso said...

Radiator fan = Brand new.

Some of the old school members suggested that I remove my thermostat.

My valve seal is broken. Now I need to refill engine oil once a week. I must overhaul it but I choose to let it be first. Maybe 13B or CA18DET soon? Who knows?

I just found out that my car is 1.4cc. LOL.


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