Sunday, March 15, 2009

Jeyaraj's Ex-KE70.

One of the Getzzone member,Din asked me to find a RWD car that is below RM5k, so I did gave a few link from, and also recommended Jeyaraj's car since he wanna sell it. From all the link I had gave, he wanted Jeya's car. If only Jeya put it for sale a few weeks before that; I wouldnt buy the 808, instead I rather buy Jeya's car.

So, today I went to see the car. Test drive it, few hiccup due to Weber problem. Need to re-tune it back. Other than that; superb handling, a very good brake, and pickup is still OK despite the Weber problem. And of coz testing it with a few sideways. Argh, I miss full lock axle.

Din is consider to be lucky. The car itself is at the 'complete' stage. Well, almost. 4k Weber also is quite good in my opinion. Bodywork also had been done. Handling had been done too. Damn... Hmm.. So, all I can do is stare and capture a few photos for the new owner. Hahaha..

I love the exhaust tone!!!!

Expect to see this car in drift events soon!

Enjoy my photos!

Same location again:

Common rim BUT different stance make it a big difference!

Some front shots:


syahrina said...

nice photo la bro
post at shutter asia la
you may get some feedback from the car bley jd model x?

joshua said...

fark~ i miss jeyaraj's ride...
this car damn alot of memories togehter lol.. sideways addiction...

Rosso said...

Syahrina, mekaseh. Tengah belajar lagi ni..

K, nnt later I post there. Model? Sure. Can tag along with my gf.

Josh, Jeya's car ROCK man!!! Handling damn chun! Sideways easily. Test drove it yesterday. Pergh. Realllly a good buy! Dont worry, Im sure new owner will take a good care of it.

Under Jaguh & Jeembo's care. Muehehehe.

Jaguh said...

Oh tidak, Bleh tahan respon this car.. Power giler, but still need a few fine tuning.. I'll try ma best to tune n make it More GK hehe.. Your friend definitely stumble upon a great deal..


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