Sunday, March 15, 2009 Sunday Drive.

Today, I went to annual event, the Sunday Drive! Where you will travel around 80km/h with the whole group @ convoy.

So, the course? The organizer will brief you on the spot. And also a map is provided. Kinda successfull today coz the weather is good (HOT!), and less traffic. Fuh!! I was like in the sauna for a few hours. Muahaha.. I do enjoy the tour. Except for my radiator problem (Temp almost reach H even the car is moving fast or slow on a sunny day). I know I should seal it first before going to any event. So, blame me. Muahaha..

Anyway, some photos:

Jeya's ex-ride. Damn chun!

One of the stop.

Jaguh's KEtam.
Love the sky!

More photos here!

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