Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Crappy photos of Bumble Bee.

As Stanley's request. Behold, my crappy photos. Muahahaha. No mood to bring it to some nice place that has a beautiful background. At least not yet till I change to bigger rims.

Kinda interested with Jeembo's offer. OZ, I forgot what model. But it is original. 15', 7jj, just for RM300. BUT only 3pieces of rims. Hmmm, where can I find the other one? Test it yesterday. Fit nicely and it didnt scrub fender. But, +30 something offset. Kinda sissy offset though. Hahaha. Im thinking of modern rims. Old school rims are tooooo expensive nowadays.

Sleeping beauty is resting. Hahaha. Bee rarely moves on weekdays coz I have Getz to move around daily, Bee is my weekend son of a gun ( quotation by Lee, KKL member).

Open it! Fuh, no scratches, no broken parts, side mirror still intact. Why do I wrap Bee? Other than rain factor, some low life creatures at UTM sometimes cant accept the truth that other people have much nicer car than them. You can count how many cars had been scratched. That include my Getz too.

Wee, Bee has a negative camber now. Was thinking bout putting RCA too..

Enough aa this low?

Not! I decided to play with the adjuster and bring it down a few more loops. Much better I think.

DIY gearknob, made from golf ball. Sponsored by Jaguh Autoworks again.

Im looking for a Mazda horn button. Not interested with this anymore.


phat_lee said...

waaa....u using my quote eh? weekend son of a gun coz my car minum minyak terlalu kuat lol...in fact the engine da mod, high end punya..haiya...thinking about playing with ECU la after this...

Rosso said...

Hahaha. Kereta ak plak, jalan tiap2 ari, nanti nak kena tuang mnyak itam lg, pastu nk kena ati2 kalo jem.. Kekekeke..

Ko vtec..lAin mazhab tuu..tu mazhab jahat tu

Anonymous said...

Golf ball shifter FTW!! LoL!!

Rosso said...

Budget gear knob ^_^

ScAvEnGeR said...

Yo Rosso! Beautiful ride bro! I wish I had the determination to build up an old school.

Beeautiful gearknob bro. Looks "ponna" exotic :)

You can check me out at snappyscav.blogspot.com

I've added you on my blog list.

Rosso said...

Thanks man. You must be TK's friends.
Its a budget gearknob. Hahaha.

I'll add you to the list soon too! Thanks for visiting!


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