Sunday, March 29, 2009

Event : Hari Belia Drift at Bukit Jalil.

Love the Panda scheme.

One of the cleanest & beautiful KP61.

Some drift photos:
Anyway, more photos here.

And a big thanks to Din, I finally get a chance to go sideways with his car. I think I do improve on the steering work. I'd say the biggest help comes from Live For Speed,an online driving simulator.

Jeya's ex-KE70. 4k DCNF powahhh!

Some lame vids. Hehehe.


revs Chapman said...

eh bro..nice blog..
gila best tengok mazda kau rebuilt..
btw..aku ariff..
kawan mespes jaguh..
ada masa, drop by my blog. ok thanks..

Anonymous said...

Lemme guess, the video format must be 3gp, which sucks big big time!

Do write more on the drifting part! E.g. what you've learned and the experience etc

Rosso said...

Muehehehe. Shaky a bit coz the road is not smooth :P

Drifting parts? How should I describe it? Its similar like LFS, just this time, it has G force.

Rosso said...

Chapman - Trimas. Mazda tu built perlahan2 jela. Tight budget la katekan.

K nnt ak tgk2.


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