Sunday, March 29, 2009

Photography : Sepang Beach BBQ.

Today, we went to a beach for a free-tension session. lol. Thanks to Mok for organizing it for her whole class while me & Jaguh were invited too. Some photos:

The other half parts of me, Mok.

Flying kite time!

Hey, I can fly it too. XD

Jaguh Autoworks can do anything. Hahaha.

How do you like the blue sky?

Jaguh? His scandal? He rarely smiles like this FYI. Hehehe.
We rent 2units of ATV and did a tour along the beach. Again, Jaguh seems too happy.

My first time riding an ATV. Body roll FTW~

Typical photo style you found at beach. Jump!

Woops. Too sexy to be posted. But, WTH~

Anyone wanna a photographer for your event? Try me! Im interested to do any event except for dinner night, wedding and night shot. Unless you want to gamble with the results (blur, bad photos).

Fees? Can be disscussed & I can bet it is super cheap coz Im only using basic camera stuffs. Contact number can be found at the 'Item For Sale' section.


Jaguh said...

A hell of fun time.. I got burnt bad, at least i got equal full body burn hehehe.. Sexyness has a few upside too haha.. Cant escape the lense of mr paparazee haha always came up with intriguing shots hehe.. Thanks mok for the party n etc etc haha..

Rosso said...

And the fun continue today.. Hahaha.. Someone had drifted the open diff car :P

Anonymous said... hal la..
as long as u guys are all happy..
so do with my classmates...
i've sunburned myself too....wuwu

like the pics!!!!!
nk cuci gmbar tu...


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