Thursday, March 5, 2009

808 went to Spa! Hahaha.

After Jaguh and his friend left around 6pm, I decided to sent 808 to car wash. Initially just wanna clean the exterior since her last wash was..... 4-6 weeks ago perhaps~

So, the macha at the car wash offer me RM15 for interior cleaning which is to me kinda bargain, so I asked them to clean up interior also. Its easy for them to clean it up coz the interior is leather.

Super dirty interior.

Anyway, what I really love bout this car when Im driving it is, anywhere I went, there must be at least few persons attracted to the car :P

Jaguh told me that day at UiTM (he was driving 808 back to his home, while Mok and me went home with Myvi), there were few kids shouting to their parents, "Abah abah, tengok tu, Bumble Bee Bumble Bee". Muehehe.

While waiting, there are 4persons looking around inside the car while the machas cleaning the interior.

Taraa.. The magic of a lazy person.

Now its shiny and interior looks like new :P
Anyway, if someone found a 'Bee' air freshener, could you please update me where I can buy it. If possible, I want it to look like in the Transformers movie.

Oh, good news is, a Retro Syndicate forummer wanna scrap his brother's 808, so he kindly wanna let go any stuffs that I want. He's staying at Kuala Pilis, and I might be going to visit the car this Friday. Muahaha.

Lets see some of the stuffs that I want:
*The nose cone and its headlamp (Square lamp model).
*Tail lamp.
*Driver's window and all the window's components.
*Front fenders.
*Crown gear (Yes, if I get it, I will weld it :P).
*Dashboard with all the meters.
*Center console.
*Air ventilator for the rear pillar.
*Etc ( Will check out with Jaguh soon..)

Anything else should I take?

Argh, Im excited! XD


Anonymous said...

typo la awk ni..
p btolkan pe yg salah..kekekekeke

wee..bee already smells nice..
I've bought u a 'cincai' air freshner rite??

no idea to give u bout what to take from the will-be-scrap 808..

Ir. aSuRaMaRu™ said...

ko nak amik jugak nosecone lampu petak tuh???
ko nak tukar lampu petak punya ke????
seriusly IMHO memang kurang menarik berbanding yang lampu bulat punya....
nak lagi mantap cari nosecone RX3....
rasanya si megat ade kot... xp

Rosso said...

typo skali skale.. heheheh

Aku suke XD

Rx3 parts mahal la enchek..Kalo xmahal mmg dah tukar dah pun... Tsk tsk tsk.

3R1C said...

erm... kuala lipis or pilis?

Chrix said...

There is an abandoned 808 here in Ampang, not moving for sure.. maybe you have give the owner an offer. If you need spare parts la.

Rosso said...

Lipis. Typo and Im lazy to edit it. Hahaha.

I think I knew who's car is that. He bought it to transfer all the interior for his wagon 808. Care to share where it is? ^_^


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