Tuesday, March 24, 2009

TEIN-inized! Part 2.

I always wonder how did people found / make an adjustable for a car that doesn't have any aftermarket parts. Bought this set of adjustable from a friend, so I'm consider to be lucky coz I dont need to go to machine shop to customize it. Just need to reassemble it. And today I learned something.

1) First, you need a few stuffs. From the left,
*S13 adjustable ( Earlier I thought it was TEIN coz of the color and TEIN logo on the coil, maybe a custom one perhaps.).
*A pair of Mazda 808 absorber that had been modified the 'tapak' to fit in the custom parts.
*And a pair of absorbers, I got a pair of 'Kayaba Climbing Gear' which I think its a 4x4 absorber.

2) Remove your rim. Zzz, no wonderlah my brake feel spongy, the brake hose is leaking.

3) Remove your original absorber. And we replaced the brake hose that come with the adjustable.

4) What we took from the original absorber is the bolt hub or whatever you call it. Why? Coz this hub had been converted to PCD 114.

5) Fitting the old hub on the custom 808 adjustable 'tapak'.

6) Then, remove the adjuster from the S13 adjustable. This one is easy to remove, the other one; Jaguh need to 'hydraulic press' it using house tools.

7) Taraa. A custom adjustable for Mazda 808 is born.

8) Slot in the 4x4 absorber in the housing and tighten it. And after that, put back the top mount. Im using the top mount given, not mine.

9) Assemble the hose with the caliper.

10) Unfortunately for me, the top mount does not 'ngam' and the old one didnt fit the 4x4 absorber. So, we decided to drill the body to fit in the top mount. Just a minor drilling.

11) This is how it look now. We put a thick washer as a safety precaution but in the picture, this is temporary fitting so no washer this time.

12) The new adjustable looks.

13) Adjust the desired height. This is the lowest I can get, but decided to raise it a bit to half finger at the fender.

14) Jaguh noticed that the car has a negative camber now. Can anyone explain to me why suddenly it has a negative camber?

The other side? Well, Jaguh had tried his best to remove the bolt on the brake caliper. Cant opened it coz too rusty. End up, we send to Jeembo's Garage for a help. Hahaha. Well, at least we had tried.


Many thanks to Jaguh for helping me and teaching me a few stuffs. Car's handling is great now. Not too hard and not too soft.

Happy trying and thank you for watching.


Anonymous said...

Nice work there! No picture of the entire car? Wanna check out the current stance!

Rosso said...

Hmmm.. Dunno whether I should post or not. Hehehe. K will take some photo this evening.

Ir. aSuRaMaRu™ said...

makin cun la kete ko amar..... xp

p/s : letak la link blog ak skali dalam blog ko ye.... xp

Rosso said...

Sure. Will do it. Put mine kat blog ko juga ya!


Anonymous said...

thanks to jaguh je???



Dennis Tan said...

normal Mcpherson suspension system would cause changes in camber when ever you lift or lower your car's ride high. It's cause by the centre alignment of the mounting is closer to the chassis compare to the centre point of the wheel knuckle. which is the bottom of the absorber.

whenever you lower your ride's high, you will cause the distance between two point to become larger thus having bigger negative camber reading. higher you go, less camber reading.


point one is your absorber mounting, point 2 is the bottom where your wheels is. the red line is your camber reading.

enjoy learning ;)

Rosso said...

Thanks for the highlight! Great info.

F a r i s said...

use spring clamp laaa


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