Monday, March 23, 2009

TEIN-inized! Part 1 1/2.

I was expecting the car to be ready to roll back on the road today at 4pm! BUT, as usual, the more you dig, the more you found!

Rust that prevent Jaguh from removing the bolt.

Fed up, we finally decided to took the car to Jeembo's Garage and let the pro to do it. LOL. We took almost 5-6 hours, while they did it in less then 30minutes :P

I decided to raise the car a lil bit to half finger on the fender. Car's handling is 100 x better now. No more body roll. Will be stiffening the rear absorber soon.

On the way back, I felt something wrong with the left brake. It vibrates whenever I hit the brake. And also, just found out that the front rim actually is not round shape anymore. More to 'oval' shape now. So, will trouble shoot first what is the main problem, and will send the rim for a balancing. If the rim is not OK, I'll try to consult with Jeya then.

So, what is wrong? The disc brake from the adjustable is wrapped. That's all~

Will be posting the whole process soon! Too tired to edit photos now. XD

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