Monday, March 2, 2009

Test finished and back to business!

Huaaa.. Finally.. I finished my first test of the year. LOL. Still have 1 more test after this and a final exam. Aaaaaa... Getting bored with my daily routine. Wanna go out and have fun, but unfortunately no $$. Thanks to my Bumble Bee.. XD Haih.. Will be getting a job this coming holiday to feed the car and myself. Hmmm...

Anyway, some updates on UiTM AutoMech 09'!

2 passes for me. Thanks Bobby of Feinto D!

Sweet looking R34!~ My favourite car of all time.

Some drifting pictures:

As usual, more photos at here.


yasin said...

yeh R34 fan club!!!

That blue A31 is very nice looking.

Da Devil said...

hehe...back to business...lolz

Rosso said...

Dah agak dah, Yasin mesti suka punye. Hantu Skyline. Hahaha.

Yes, back to normal life. 3weeks of test.. Tension oh!


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