Tuesday, March 24, 2009

TEIN-inized! DONE.

Just to wrapped up the ending of the project. Overall, its a fun moment for me doing DIY stuffs. And Im kinda pity to Jaguh coz he hurt himself while trying to remove the rusty bolt. Get an insurance man.. Hehehe.

Rusty bolt that hurts Jaguh. Sorry for you bro.

We went to JMG (Jeembo's Garage). Jaguh was fixing the wiring of Din's car. Din will be drifitng this weekend at Bukit Jalil. Hope I can drive it for a few laps :P

Another BMW owned by Jeembo. Urgh, Im a whore on car that has a wide fender!

Took them just 30minutes to finished it. Mok at her limit coz 3days accompany me. Haha.

Din chatting with Jeembo about grant transfer.

I decided to raise it a bit.

My first breakdown on highway. Again, thanks to Mok and Jaguh for helping me.

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