Friday, March 13, 2009


Poof! Klang klang klang..

What is it? I was on the way to my class when suddenly there's some noise from the front tyres. In my mind was "Argh, Im going to be late if I stop now. Maybe it just a small rock hitting chassis."

So after reaching the campus, my car's steering suddenly became heavy and it tends to go left. So I parked my car and went to see my front tyres.

What I saw was;

Holy Shit! This is a new tyre man! Cost me RM280 per piece. So, a fucked up front Goodyear tyres. Its still new. Bought it few days before Raya. Went to nearby tyres shop and ask them to repump my tyres and found out that the sidewall had been torned from inside. Wtf~

If someone would want to sabotage me, they must torn it at the outside wall, not inside. But this one, it is from inside. I cant even reach the inside wall too. Hmmm, blur, I ask them to change it to the cheapest tyre available. And it still expensive, Rm240 for a Silverstone.

So, Goodyear, another -1 for you. No more Goodyear tyres anymore after this.


Vince said...

When you go Poof! You should stop. If you continue to go, your rim will cut the Tyre from the inside.
Since Silverstone also cost u 240, better just go get AD07. Guarantee good quality.

Anonymous said...

sabar je la byby.hehhehe..

its ok la,u changed the tyre already...

Da Devil said...

rm240 for 1 piece of silverstone???0.o???

wat spec u r running there??

Rosso said...

Weh, my Goodyear cost me RM280 for 1 piece~

205/45/16 only..

Argh... Rim also bengkok that day.. Hmmm

Anonymous said...

Should simply get a 2nd hand tire good enough ler... like my Charmant, all 4 tires different brand and different treads, kakakaka!

Rosso said...

Daily ride = Cant play2 with the setting. Hahaha..

My 808 oso running on 3 different brand tyres..

Rosso said...

AD07 cost how much?

Vince said...

i am using 15 inch so around 290 a piece but for 16 inch, you need to go check out (my guess is ~350?). Since you live in KL might as well go to Klang area to scout it out. My friend bought his rims and tyre from Klang when he visit his wife. The comment from him is the items there is much cheaper than Ipoh. BTW are those 16 inch standard? Would it be a bit too big? If too big will affect pickup.

Rosso said...

Standard rim is 14'. This is a Satria GTi rim. Bought it coz the spoke is the same as 14' OEM rim.

Kinda heavy, but OK for pickup.

Hmm.. Maybe next time. BUT on my Mazda (after I swap to 14').


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