Sunday, September 28, 2008

New Tyres

Huaaa. Finally all my four tyres had worn out. Sobs. Had to ask my dad to pay for my new tyres. Ahaks! Sorry dad, one day after I have a job I'll make sure I pay it back. Hehe. Earlier thought of Hankook Ventus V8, or Kumho Ecsta, but the shop was a Goodyear dealer plus my dad doesnt want to go to Klang. And I was looking for 195/55/16. Its Satria Neo rims size. But I couldnt get it also since the shop didnt have it. Sigh. I dont really wanna support Goodyear after I knew what happen in our local drift scene.

Bye bye Kumho Ecsta. Thanks for serving me well before. Sobs. My rear tyres I took back coz still got arond 30% thread. Going to sell it soon. After Raya I'll post it.

So finally I'd been pushed to accept the tyres that available there. Sighhhh, it was a Goodyear Eagle NCT5 measured 205/45/16. Its a comfor tyre type. Sigh, I want a grip tyre!! I dont care about the comfort. My car was never comfort when it arrived to me. Sigh.. Touge wont be as much fun as before after this.

Nevermind, cant complaint much since its my dad's money and choice. So, have to accept it. Better than nothing right?

The moment of truth, "Will the car have new problems?"

AND YES!!! I hate whenever I came to a workshop ( for maintenance and checkup, not modding or else), why? Coz everytime I come THERE MUST BE A NEW PROBLEMS! Last time it was a bent driveshaft, this time? MY RIMS (ALL) ALREADY 'BENGKOK'!!!! I was like wtf? I just got it few months ago. FUCKED! Im fucked. Thought of saving my $ for the Kg Gajah Track Day that we organized ourself (lol) this coming December and a pair of bucket seat. Sigh. How Im going to find extra $ to change new rims or repair the rims?

My fucked up rims. JRD Satria GTi rims. You sucks!

Getz about to get his alignment set back to normal. Guess what? My old camber setup was -3degree front and -1degree for back. LOL. No wonder the tyres doesnt 'eat' properly and balanced. Too much drifting influence I guess?


Da Devil said...

macha...wat did jaza told u?wakaka....nvm..time for new rims as well...muehehe

adui...NCT5..still ok lar..test 1 in camry b4...kinda nice..juz tat dun push it damn hard...coz will lose grip much u paid for it?

Rosso said...

I want the Gti coz it looks like OEM Getz rims. Sigh. Will send it for a repair soon.

NTC5 205/45/16 cost me around RM280 per piece. Expensive right? Cant touge to the limit after this. Wanna 'rasmi' it at Kg. Gajah. Lets go lah Kazumimi!!!!

Chris said...

Ah.. time to shop for new shoes, bring the wife(hehe..) along.. let her have a taste of how guys buy shoes haha

Da Devil said...

kazumimi..lolz..nw kazumioamiao ady...wakaka...
anyway...yea..kinda exp..mayb coz is 16'....muehehe...nw i oso thinking of changing my front tyre..still considering falken or more goodyear ady...coz it sucks so bad last time i went to touge...haha


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