Monday, January 19, 2009

808's Interior.

I bet you guys are wondering hows the car's interior looks. I still dont have time to go to Jeembo to peek-a-boo to see whats the updates on BumbleBee. Emm, maybe this Thursday or Friday. Argh, its getting hard for me, thinking bout the car everyday. It is my first car, with my name on it, my guts gambling with my luck when buying it, and my first stuff that I have a full responsiblity on it.

For a cheapo price that I get for the car, below RM5k ( Price is secret :P), I got a car that had been done the bodywork, so rust is at minimum level and mostly at exterior, new floor ( How do I say it "Lantai baru sudah buat?"), so there is less problem I need to concern bout more rust and holes :P.

And, how bout the interior? Full leather rewrap inside. Seat, roof, door panel, the pillar, everything had been refurbished! For that price, it does make me nuts bout getting it despites I dont have any interest with 808. Seriously, and with some poison from Jaguh, Jeembo and the rest of KelabKeretaLama members, I bought it. I am stupid.

So.. I am here, the car is still at the workshop. I guess, new clutch is going in, full regular service, new brake system, aircond that will be functioning, new rims; 13' mangkuk, and most of small problems will be fixed. Hopefully.

So my plan for the car? As for now, I just want it to be drift spec. I dont care if the engine is standard :P. Emm.. So will be slamming the car soon, low and stiff. The stiffer the better for me :P . I wanna lock the axles, but I need to get some advices first as the car's spareparts kinda rare. Emmm, subframe RX7 from Yasin perhaps? Bucket seat will be transfered from Getz, as well as the steering. Harness also perhaps.

Emm, I guess thats all for now~ Sigh~


Jaguh said...

Certainly worth it bro, Just now i asked my senior about his 808, full of rust and fugly interior, plus cripey paint job, no chrome bumper, slam, Black mangkuk rims, But still Nices.. He bought it at Type R spec for 3K.. Yours would be more better i think.. Dun worry huhu..

Rosso said...

Black mangkuk rims eh? Emmm, interested!

Da Devil said...

hehe...rim mangkuk meh?dunwan watanabe??muehehe...or some sick rims?well if i can get the pic of my fren's RX3,i will take it to poison u the car is fully restored to street racing type...muehehe

Rosso said...


Im broke, and yet still racun coming? Deng~~

Let me sell some of my Getz stuff first than can talk later~

Emm, but I really love Watanabe, Longchamp, and Work Equip. We'll see soon~

Vince said...

Hi Rosso just FYI, there is reason why ppl like to drift some certain type of car like the KE70..... plenty spare parts at dirt cheap price! Drifting is very damaging to the axle and body of the car so be prepared and find out more info before you start. The car is looking very nice and clean, good buy!
I would suggest you to get better brakes, suspension (get branded ones) and body reinforcement. Then go to empty lot to practice driving and control. Then you decide if you want to drift the car.... but prepare the $$$$$

For me i just touge (FF car), suspension medium stiff. Will upgrade my brakes later to bigger ones.

Rosso said...

Emm, thanks for the info Vince.

Its unexpected purchase so Im totally 0 with the knowledge of the car.

I'll consult with others before I can consider it to drift or not. If too expensive, I will keep the car as a classic car, not drift car.

But then, I wanna drift! :P

Chrix said...

when is the disco ball going in?

Rosso said...

Hah? Disco ball!?

Chrix said...

..i was afraid that joke would be too obscure. Watch TF again ;) The scene where the chic was in the camaro the first time.

Rosso said...

Hah. Yes I remembered! Hmm, no thanks for the disco ball, but if you can get me the bee keychain, Im interested!

Chrix said...

haha, I designed the "bee-otch", but failed to make it to production =/

Rosso said...


Come and guess 808's rims!!

Come come.. :P



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