Thursday, January 8, 2009

What is Catalytic Converter?

This is the one after the the 4-1 header:

So now, what is inside the Catalytic Converter and why it must removed?

For long term usage all the dust and chemical will blocking on the Catcon,
and our vehicle will be getting bad airflow and high fuel consumption from day by day because of those chemical and dust blocking inside the cotton of Catcon.

Usually in performance and fuel consumption wise,we would suggest to replace with direct flow center bullet or twister bullet to make a better airflow just like below:

Source : Redlinemax

Im glad that I didnt do a mistake by changing my OEM center bullet to an aftermarket brand. And, my claim that my car response better is also true. The Marco center bullet's inside is like the pic.

Plus, if Im not mistaken, catalytic converter got some rare minerals inside. The minerals is getting lesser and its getting expensive. So why not sell the minerals to a merchant? LOL. By the way, I dont remember which channel was it. Was it Discovery or NGC?


Jaguh said...

Catalytic converter is good for the environment.. it reduce the emission of hazardous gases.. But it need to be replaced after a certain time.. to ensure the flow of exhaust is not blocked.. But for performance wise, its better to let the engine breath smoother, by changing it to aftermarket center bullet

But lucky, in our country emission aint much of a big deal, except for the Lorry and busses..

Rosso said...

Yeah, professional had spoken! Hehehe


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