Monday, January 19, 2009

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2008 Awards

* Best Day Award - Every weekend. I can sleep til afternoon.
* Best Memory Award - Bukit Jalil Drift Event that Jaguh and me entered.
* Best Friend Award - Jaguh and Mok!
* New Friend Award - Zamil, Yasin, TK, Kazumimi, etc etc.
* Best Enemy Award -Some of my classmates.
* Song of The Year - Forever, Chris Brown.
* Movie of The Year - Transformers The Movie.
* Male Singer of the year - Chris Brown.
* Female singer of the year - Katy Perry.
* Duo/Band of the year - Avenged Sevenfold.
* Actor of The Year - Optimus Prime.
* Actress of The Year - Megan Fox!
* TV Program of The Year - Heroes.
* DJ of the Year - Rudy & JJ from Hitz.FM morning crew
* TV host of The Year - Gay@ I dont watch TV.
* Scandal of The Year -Gay @I dont watch TV..
* Best Hang Out Spot -Tajmah, DoriDori, Jeembo, Jaguh's house.
* Best Cinema - Em.. Time Square.
* Best Eating Place - BRJ Alam Damai.
* Best Bowling Spot - OU.
* Best Bookshop - MPH.
* Best Shopping Spot - OU.
* Best Karaoke Spot -Greenbox.
* Mostly Done Activity - Sleeping, online, talk cock, learn bout cars, etc.
* Best Website -,,

* Other awards you would like to give:
Boros person - Me, Mok.
Mechanic terbaik dan murah - Jaguh Autoworks!
Kawan gay saya - Jaguh(lol)


Da Devil said...

lol...u still remember kazumimi...wakaka

now mayb nex time had to put name on my car like Kazumimi - AB+,wakaka

Jaguh said...

Dude, WTF kawan Gay ?? haha.. Im straight as a ruler, no bengkok2 haha..

Anonymous said...

best friend award je??
no best financial advisor award??
best girlfriend award???

unlucky me..

Jaguh-->padan muka ko!!!hahahah~

Rosso said...

Emm, I just copy it from Zamil, so that is that. Hehehe.

Best gf- Mok
Best financial minister- Mok.

Gay friend- Jaguh si AFIF

Da Devil said...

oh man...nex time had to becareful when i see jaguh...wakaka

Rosso said...


Neh, He's straight.. Dont worry


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