Monday, January 26, 2009

Bucket DIY Project!

Since it is Chinese New Year, UTM is very generous to give us 10days of holidays! Yay! So this week, gonna do a few stuffs on Bumble Bee starting today. Just minor things, so wont tell it here as it is a simple job.

Bucket seat from Getz had been removed! Wanna put it on Bee soon. And also my Momo steering. And... Tomorrow gonna start sealing the holes and rusts in Bee.

Not forgetting, bucket project! Come and guess what am I doing with it!
LV handbags + bucket = ???!


Da Devil said...

rewrap wif LV print on the bucket seat???muehehe

Jaguh said...

LV ?? Gud luck.. wanna see your sewing skills haha

Rosso said...

Wanna wrap the bucket side so it wont tear up :P


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