Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New Seat~

Finally! The seat had taken its place. The railing, bracket and what-so-ever, I took it from the original seat. Done it at Jeembo's Garage. The seat quite comfortable, body hugging, luckily ngam for my body. And luckily the seat didnt hit the B-pillar. Huhu.

But, quite hard to get in and get out from the car. LOL~

Some pics:


Chrix said...

wooo..look at that!.

I thought you were getting a pair. Red seems out of place...oops, time to re wrap your interior fabric in red! =D

Rosso said...

Emm, cant have two. Later old people, fat people,etc cant fit in the seat. Hahaha :P

Em, actually from outsde, u cant se the red fabric. So, let it be for a while. No money already

Jaguh said...

hehe.. Finally in yo.. Hugging monster lah this seat.. Comfy or not bro ?? .. ber baloi not huhu .. Ur car has more race element than mine huhu .. sigh huhu

Rosso said...

Comfort~ No hal.. Very hugging seat.. U wont move..

Berbaboi...just risau abit bout the fabric

3R1C said...

definitely won't be harder than getting into my BRIDE :P

Anonymous said...

satisfied already???

gud la then..~


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