Saturday, January 10, 2009

Full like semi-bucket?! Hahaha.

So, we return back to KL and arrived around 4pm and I sms'ed Jaguh, inviting him to go to OneUtama with us. Just for bucket seat window shopping. And to cheer myself up after had been scammed. So we went.. And was looking around.. And..... One of the seat make Afif goes 'WOW' so I took in the consideration since he's the expert.. Then we went to Sushi King for a dinner.

Muka sedih by me.

Emm, I love sushi!

My Kodomo Bento! Nyum-nyum! The cheapest and the best deal! LOL!
Jaguh's ugly style of eating sushi.

Mok on diet!

So, after that, we went back to the shop, and.....asking for a proper discount. Hehehe. Im el-cheapo, so bear in mind when dealing with me. Hahaha. Actually wanna take another design but the lap support is quite low. Why this one? Coz it looks like a full bucket! Hehehe. Ignore the red fabric. Oh, its brandless so Im quite happy. At least there is no stupid logo that will ruin the design of the seat. lol. Hmm, tomorrow will send to Jeembo to weld it on my car. Huhu.


Da Devil said...

fuh...dun like the red part??rewrap wif 'bride' material lar...i think joehan got sell...hehe...better yet...rewrap in leather...chun...

Rosso said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rosso said...

Tersilap type!

So rewrite;

Yes, I will rewrap it soon. After it koyak. Hehhee.

Anonymous said...

The seat looks interesting. How much it costs? Which shop in One Utama?

Rosso said...

Eneos One Utama.

Price is discounted as its a last piece. Try go there, there's still few that worth to buy, around RM300-400. Ask some discounts from the seller.


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