Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Vision Shelta Bucket Seat.

What d you guys think? Will it fit nicely on Getz? The price is quite reasonable. So this coming weekend, we are going to travel all the way to Temerloh to pick it up. A pair! Price for a one full bucket! Of course its immitation, but I think it will be worthwhile. Any comment guys!?


Chrix said...

Aren't those semi buckets?

Rosso said...

Yeah. Semi. But the design I like!

And the most important, its black and dont have crappy design.


Chrix said...

I tot you were looking for full on hardcore buckets.

Sure ka want to use these seats...nanti bunga bising oo


Rosso said...

What? My gf? Hah! My car my rules. Dont like, use public transport! :P

3R1C said...

am afraid the lap support won't be high enough

Rosso said...

Em, I noticed it too. But, I think thats the best deal so far that I'd seen. Anyway, I had pay the deposit, so no turning back.

I still want your Bride. :(

Anonymous said...

Oh!!ur car rules eh???Fine..
Give me my Rm400!!hahaha~

Ade pulak ckp,dnt like use public transport..
I got Mawi lorh...
Slam oready..
Cantek da..
Public transport???still akn use jgk,when im really desperate..

My car rules-->
No adding or changing the body paint..keke~
No modifying onto the engine parts..(unless I suruh)..
Love my car when u ride it..heheh~
always believe dat-->Standard is also cool!!!!


Da Devil said...

temerloh my hometown....when u come down??


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