Sunday, January 4, 2009

Bulat's New House!

Few days ago, Mok (who already received her RM4600 scholarship money!) decided to spent a lil part of her money for Bulat. So, we surveyed Carrefour and found out that there is pet's section. And Mok bought a new house (2storey hose, mind you~), a new hamster ball, more foods for her, bathing sand, and.. Emm, I think thats all.

Double-storey house for Bulat!

Her new exercise ball to keep her healthy.

And we bought another one for my brother for getting 8A's in his PMR. Her name is Kechik since she is 1/2 size compare to Bulat. And turtle aquarium that had been modified by me as her new home. LOL. Dont mind the burnt section as I have to clear it for the 'wheel to fit in the fender!'

And the worst part, they dont behave well if put together in the same cage. Haiya!

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