Thursday, January 1, 2009

Bulat's Updates!

Bulat's getting more friendlier now compare to the 1st day we bought it. But she loves to bite our fingers. LOL. And maybe, Bulat's afraid of us. Who knows.

See how fluffy she is!

And Mok bought a new wheel toy for Bulat. First 2days, she didnt wanna touch it. And just now, she's so energetic and running on it finally! Zam said she's showing off and wanted to caught our attention so that we get her out from the cage. Who knows~

Show off!

Oh, in case you are a hamster owner or hamster lover, here's a good site for a guidance. Credits to Zamil for the link. Happy hamster-ing!



3R1C said...

whose jazz is that in the first pic?

Rosso said...

Wah, your eyesight robot ka?

Its my mum punya..Hehe

3R1C said...

hahahaha... u dunno who i am yet :P

Rosso said...

Honda lover! Rite!?

Anonymous said...

Bulat is cuter than the Jazz..!!


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