Sunday, January 4, 2009

Slammin Mok's Ride.

While searching on the internet for a bucket seat, I found out that there's someone selling GAB coil for Myvi which is a bargain (RM200++). So Mok's decided to call the seller and its a deal! Sigh, this is why I want the JPA scholarship!

So we took it at Damansara in the same day. That was the quickest deal so far in my life. LOL~

The next day, I sent her Myvi to install the coil.

The result! 2fingers front, 3fingers rear. Just like mine.

Sweet. Now the car need an eyelid and some paint-touchup at the front and rear bumper area. Dont mind the picture's effect. Im experimenting photoshop's stuff.

Jealous at Mok. She's instant rich now. Hehe. Well, here's the happy owner with Bulat and her ride.


3R1C said...

need bigger rims!

Chrix said...

bila nak isi rim tu dgn brake beso-beso?


habis la, she's gonna tapau ppl left & right

Rosso said...

Told her already, she needs a bigger rims. 17!

What?! 4pots 2pots? Nissan! Damn famous nowadays. Nola, just style. Not ment for race,etc. Girl's car~

3R1C said...

Girl can be racer too ;)

Anonymous said...

My money will not be spent for dat Myvi lorh...
Not worth it..!LOL

Simpan duet for another car project!heheh~
Just wait n see...

Got da scholarship means gotta study really hard...!!
Tu yg xbest tuh!Huuhu~

jOsh_taKumi86 said...

wahh damn envy...nice lowered but need more bigger wheel then just look more perfect...haih hoping i can slam low and bigger wheel for my


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