Tuesday, January 20, 2009

808 progress~

*click on the pictures for a full size~
Few more updates from Jeembo Garage although Im not there. Hehehe. Copy it from Jeembo's thread in Kelab Kereta Lama forum.

Looks like the drum brake had been removed. New shoes perhaps. Got minor rust about to pop in if you look carefully.

New clutch going in. No rust down here.

Emm, messy wiring.. Engine looks ok to me.

Door and window had been fixed.


3R1C said...

dude perhaps u should convert to rear disk!

Rosso said...

Haha.. Soon!

For now, keep it runnin first~

phat_lee said...

bro, welcome to the group. i'll bet you want to swap it with 13B rite? WBN36356 rox!!! hehehe...

Rosso said...

Err... Prefer 4A than 13B.


Gotta see the budget 1st~


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