Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mazda 808 Ad on year 1976!

Was checking out, and found out that there are some 808 ad posted by forummer Motard. Thanks for sharing bro. So here's some of his finding, Mazda 808 ad during 1976!!

Damn nostalgic. Gosh, Im in love with old cars now! I wish I can go back to 70's and try to rescue a lot of classic car. Errr, I think Im using a classic car. Hahaha. I dont want people to call me 'Amar 808', sounds gay to me. And definitely not 'Amar classic'. More gay! Argh, better do more 'modern' touch on Bee before people call me 'classic'!

From the ad, I found out that the company claimed that 808 FC is low, and I found out its quite true. Its almost a week, I just fill em up with RM20 fuel. Till now, I just used half of it. Emm... Nice~


3R1C said...

be sure that the fuel gauge is working fine =P

Rosso said...

Fuel gauge is working fine!



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