Saturday, January 24, 2009

Few things updated!

Lets see some updates that had happened in this few days.

Lets start with the Bumble Bee problems. The troubles mostly was becoz of my lack funds. So kinda sad with the car, and make me almost wanna kick the door till bent. And so on. No money, no repair can be done, JPJ thingy; more money need to spent to make it a proper looking to please the inspector on duty. Ok, so the car had passed the Puspakom test, therefore less one problem. Others was like... Replacing important parts, but Im short on cash. Greeeaaat~ Nevertheless, there is always someone that you can rely on, and of coz its my parents. Thanks mom and dad :D

And.. Cancelling rim deal with Jeya, coz wanna pay for the replacement stuff, then Dad came along to help it, so the rims deal is on back. Jeya and TK also help me with few 'stuffs'. And for someone to understand other people problems ( I complaint to TK pulak! Hahaha.), that is what I called a true friends! And also not forgetting Mok and Jaguh!!! :)

Emm.. Cant wait to take my new rims! Argh, cant resist Jeya's offer somehow; 13' 7j -30! What model? Typical oldschool rims! :P Babywolfz @ Josh will send it to me by next week. Sweet~

So, that's all for 808 trouble. The car is with me less than 1week, yet I had spent extra RM2000+ for replacement parts, repair, inspection, insurance, roadtax, bla bla bla. Really gimme a headache!

Today's pic:

Bee meets Jaguh's KEtam. We need a green car, so that it can become 'Traffic Light!'
Damn, Jaguh's KEtam looks and feel much better than mine except his KEtam had been smoked by Bee in 3rd gear :P

Getz had been replaced with most of itsOEM parts back. Im sorry Getz T_T

And Mok also is upgrading! Her Mawi had been slammed and kissed a lot of bitumen lately. And what now? Front diffuser! So now, its 4fingers from the ground! Damn~~~ So now, before we are going anywhere, we have to decide which route should we take, which one we should avoid, which car is more suitable! LOL! Sendiri cari pasal!

That's all for now. Wanna sleep. It was a hard day for me.


Da Devil said...

be patient man....i oso facing money prob...tat why hanging wif a stock ceffy....soon ur time will least u r upgrading...while my project still on hold...still dunno pending till when...

Rosso said...

Its not upgrading, it is replacing.. Hehehe. Kinda tired this 2days.. Damn

Jaguh said...

Uhuks, me kene Smoke ?? .. aku tak tarik mah.. Jum lah touge, ni yang nak prove im better nih haha..

Boxer sound dah hilang.. Fucking plug cable jer hal.. so now Means more powah yah haha..

My advice, careful with your words on deal.. and always listen to what i say.. Bukan nak kata aku bagus, but, i've been there done that so bleh bagi heads up lah sikit. tak suka tgk member susah pasal hal yang bleh avoid.. Me also far from perfect, still aku make mistake ag, just hope u dun do the same mistake as i did lah..


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