Saturday, January 31, 2009

Effort of 3days.

The past 3days, this is what we had been doing.

First, the fucked up speedometer that took Jaguh 2days to solve and fix it.

I bought a new speedo cable, yet the speedometer didnt move. So Jaguh removed it, and found out that the gear already jam~

Jaguh's solution? Hahaha. RXZ speedometer! Yes, the rempit's favourite bike!

Emm, looks nice.

Not really. The cable cant move if it is bent, so need to rotate the speedometer to make it work. Hahaha. Plus, while testing on the road, if other peoples are cruising at 40km/h, my speedo is at 20km/h! That mean, if the speed limit is 110km/h, I must travel at 55km/h according to my speedo! Hahaha. And the best; my speedometer can record till 360km/h!! Why? The limit is 180km/h, 180 x 2 = 360! Haha.

While waiting Jaguh to fix the speedo, I was doing some paint job.

Tape, tape and more tape needed!

Was using 'flat black' spray can.

Taraa.. Much nicer pillar!

Bumble Bee stripe!

Happy friends came to help too! They love spraying eventually. Hahaha.

Yay! This stripe will increase my 'Beng' hp. At least 30 beng hp!

Tomorrow will spray the trunk area. Wee..

Thanks to Jaguh for his full effort and commitment during this 3days. Kinda pity him coz need to come around noon and returned only after 12am. Hehehe. I owe you a big one dude! Anyway, this shows Jaguh Autoworks is doing a great!


mesh said...

well i have to say yeah ur car looks much nicer now..and very ingenious idea on how to rectify the speedometer...also the beng hp part is true too.. all u need now is some skirting,deep dish rims,and some 'tanduk' side mirrors and u exterior would look great then ;-)

on another note even if the ori speedometer is jam,isnt possible to repair it??

yasin said...


Rosso said...


Rim is coming tomorrow. Dished rim.

Tanduk mirror? Emm, maybe not. I dont like it. Hehehe.

For exterior, will be slammin the ride soon. Already see few adjustable. Will buy it soon.

The meter shatter once Jaguh disassembled it. The gears inside are stuck.

Da Devil said...

bro...spray by ur getz side...the paint wont fly everywhere? check on ur getz whether got some black paint stick to ur door or not??

cant wait for the nex upgrade...muehehe

Rosso said...

Next upgrade will be...


Roll fender
Fit in bucket seat
Lock axle
Drift! :P

Cun ke Yasin? Taklah~

zamildrift said...

Next upgrade: 12A or 13BT RE maybe? :P

mesh said... much will a whole set of adjustables cost for ur car??are those made specifically for ur car??where did u get that from??cause i myself am finding for adjustables for my car but to no avail..

also how much does fender rolling cost??

Rosso said...

13B? 4A? CA18? SR20? 5k? Siapa tahu.. Hahaha.

For front, someone offering me RM250. I think that is from 808 too, or maybe I need to mod the 'tapak'.

For rear, Jaguh advise to take the 1-3tonne lorry absorber and leaf spring.

Rolling fender can be done at Jeembo's Garage. RM30 per fender.

mesh said...

wow..seriously 30 per fender??sadly i live at pg though..does jeembo have any frens in pg who do fender rolling at a relatively cheap price??

Rosso said...

I dont know bout that. But I knew Jeembo import the rolling tool straight from USA. He's the cheapest garage so far. That's why I go there. Hehehe.

Rosso said...

Anyway, for more of Jeembo's Garage, visit this link:

Anonymous said...

Foo, nice stripes! But are you using that Speedo temporarily only or permanent? Looks crazy 0.o

Show us what rims you're getting man, bought from DCM one? size, width? Can't wait to see the outcome of your bumble bee! ^^


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