Sunday, January 18, 2009

Unexpected Purchase!

Hah. Guess what, I dont have a plan to bought it, I dont love it as much as I love the KE's and 910sss, I dont have a future idea for it, I dont know what I had done.

What is it then?

Its a car! Named Mazda and the model is 808. Kinda similar to Mazda Rx3. Why did I bought it? Coz I slipped my tounge and told Jeembo Im buying it despite I only have RM30 in my bank account. So I had caused a lot of trouble to Jeembo, Jaguh and the car's owner. Wtf Im doing? Am I insane? Perhaps? Stupid? Yes. Lol.

So I would like to say sorry to Jeembo for all the trouble that I had caused but in the end, I still bought it despite the day earlier I had canceled it. Saje cari pasal am I? Thanks to Jaguh and Mok for their concern bout my financial health soon. Emm, my parents for giving the green light.

So, what is the car's name? Mok wants a yellow car, accidentally I got a yellow car. She wants it to be like the Bumble Bee of Transformers. Accidentally also the car's have a looks like Camaro. Hence the name is BumbleBee!

Future plans? I dont know! I just bought a car accidentally. Big LOL this time. Wtf Im doing? So, Im still blur for the moment. Good or bad depends on my financial. I will try my best to love this car despite I didnt do any homework for 808 models. It will be a drift machine. It will be my toy. It will be loved if there is no problems. It does makes me nuts today.

So, Getz will be downgrade. Everything will be standard back. The money will be spent to restore BumbleBee and to make it to drift-spec. Color will be maintained eventhough after repaint. Of course it will have a stripe similar to Transformer's Bumble Bee. Beng enough? Perhaps. Lol, Im having a wonderful life :)

Some pics:



Future plans? It will be going sideways! Specs? I dont know! And if you ask me, why 808? Love at first sight. Where? UIA Drift Practise. Which car? This one;

Oh, I have created a new blog just for the Bumble Bee project. Hope it will be a good guide for anyone into 808. And for me to learn bout 808.
The Flight of the Bumble Bee.


Jaguh said...

When you said yes at UKM, i was like WTF.. Lucky u didnt just bought it dat nyte, more luckier is your parent was so supporting, Good luck Bro on your build, lets see our car grow up together, i think yours going to be more GK.. haha.. Tsuisso meh ?? .. haha.. tyre 30 each only maaa.. haha..

Lana Kosong Lapan.. tak sangaka jadi reality..

Rosso said...

Hehehe. Itu namanya gamble. Tp kalo bli smlm pun dapatgak arini an..hehehe

cume ade org xbrani nk gamble je, hehehhe.

Nampaknya Jaguh Autoworks terpaksa bekerja lebih masa tanpa gaji ni lepas ni. Hahaha

3R1C said...

dude.... one word... LOL!!!

Jaguh said...

Bukan semua bleh gamble bro, jangan salahkan die sangat, kalau beli yesterday Broke for whole sem, giler aper.. kena think of the big picture.. hehe.. Xkan aku nak wat charity work je kowt.. Atleast ada ar sket maa.. BTW aku dah malas nak stay at KKL, OS and RS etc semua.. macm hilang dah smangat aku nak berkomunity and shit.. cant get over yang aku pulak die ugut n maki.. Fuck lar.. Pasal buissness bleh die put aside so call friendshit.. hmmm.. Lesson for me, no more getting serious with and Club..

Rosso said...

Ala jgnla camtu.. Kate jgn amek ati sgt psl Jeembo. Tau la salah aku..Huhu. Aku byrla sket2...Hahahahahahahhaha.

Eric- Yes. LOL big time~ Y? coz spontanious said yes.

Da Devil said...

Bumble interior pic??muehehe...if can,restore the taillight,make it like new...waseh...chun

Rosso said...

Will take more pics soon after I have received the car.

Interior can check out at DCM for now.

Still a long way to go to make it cun and driftable.

And for Jaguh, I deeply sorry for the trouble. Im a troublesome person. I am. I dont meant to make you feel like this man.. Come on. Jeembo didnt mean it. He just a hot temper guy. You also told me to bear with him yet you are the one touched. Im sorry for cancelling the deal yesterday, yet it becoz I took your advise.

I dont want this problem to become a reason you didnt hangout with the KKL, Jeembos etc. N cmon man, I need your support for this car project.

Lets become like normal back. Jeembo didnt meant it, I know Im wrong to say OK yesterday. Yet its settle now. I had bought the car. You guys should be OK by now. So plz dont be mad. PLz plz. Can?

Chrix said...

impulse buy or what?

looks good, whats the rust level? =P

Rosso said...

Yes. I wanna bought it without tellin my parents, so I said OK but I only have RM30. Hahaha.

Emm, rust? MINIMUM~
Minor rust on surface and bonnet. Coz the owner already done the bodywork and lantai job.

Yasin said...

future rotary machine?? good luck for project and nice car!!

Rosso said...

Rotary? Emm, maybe just 5k engine or 4age, or.... Who knows?


Still a long way to go to make the car nice~

Anonymous said...

cangrats for the car...
still gambling with mawi yang da super-slam,n kalah ur guys pnya kereta...

Jaguh--> thanks for thinking n being concern bout me..broke for da whole sem..nightmare gak weh!!!but,da selamat,time for investment for my secret project that "insya-Allah" will be done when I turned 24....Just wait n see..huhu~
Jgn down sgt doe,aku xle tgk ko down..
weh,ko mane blh nk touching2 ngan aku...ingat tu..huhu~

Rosso-->jaga dat car baik2...anything regarding on money,dont ever roger me eh..hahahhahahahahha~


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