Tuesday, June 30, 2009

DIY : Gauges and Radiator Shrout.

It's been awhile since my last update coz I dont have any mood on updating the latest project. Hehehe. Sigh, Im returning to UTM next week and Im not ready for the new semester. I want to stay at home and do more project on Bee. Huhuhu. Anyway, the Autobot stickers and Mazdaspeed wannabe sticker. Wee.

Already stick the Mazdaspeed sticker but I still cant decide where should I place the Autobot logo. Any idea?

While Mok was designing the gauges board, my roomate came for a sticker job. He just painted his car and interested with the Mini theme. So why not? At least I gain more experience on sticker job. Measuring and marking time.

End results! Looks good from far. Har har har.

Then there's Mr Jaguh Autoworks in action. Seriously if you asked me, wiring job is the hardest coz I cant imagine the wiring logic. LOL~ I failed my electric subject anyway.

My aircond fan that had not been working since my aircond motor gone. So, I asked Jaguh to do some wiring so that I can make it working for some extra air suction as an aid for the radiator fan. And luckily, I got one unused switch on the dashboard.

OEM with the dashboard. I wonder what is the original use of the switch?

The custom panel by Mok. Unfortunately the license plate is really weak and it broke into two after 1 gauge hole was made. So I will buy an advertising plastic board as it is much easier to work on,much lighter and reliable.

As for the radiator shroud, it was cut into two as the fan is too big and the distributor is really close to the radiator. The shroud was meant for Vannete C22/ A15 engine, and luckily my radiator is from the A15 engine also. Previous owner love to mix and match the engine parts I think.

The top shroud fits like a glove. LOL. As for the rear, Jaguh cut it into another half and only fit the right side only. So now Bee has a much better cooling system. Two working fan, one can be controlled from the inside, another one is direct (Im thinking of switching to a clutch fan soon), a shroud to channel the air, and I hope it works.

And I bought an Autogauge for the RPM. Unfortunetaly again, it is malfunctioning and it is not accurate at all, so I will exchange it tomorrow for a Jasma one.

My pet, Bujur (Oval) was sleeping on the couch while Im updating this post. Manage to woke him up with the flash. Gosh, this little creature is very cute.


Waileng said...
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Dennis Tan said...

welcome to the 'celotape' gang bro~ ^~^
Good seeing you had put all the stuff you get from old-school heaven into bee already~ it's looking better and better now~

p.s. my wife really adore bujur~ he is so cute~ ^^

Edgar H said...

i got an Autogauge RPM also and like you said, they are very inaccurate. I had to set it to 8 cylinders so that it would read ALMOST correctly. try playing with the selector switch on the back.

If the cost is not much different, i'd suggest go with electric fan instead of clutch. Although not much, you'll get a few HP gain and better mileage.

Rosso said...

Dennis, I still have a few more things from the junkyard. Will put them in after the car had been painted. Kui3. Wah, you already married? Never knew that. Try adopt one dwarf hamster, it is very easy to take care of them. Buy a male if you want a friendly and lazy one. Celotape? Some of the usage in my car. Mostly to hold em.

-> My headlight, my tail lamp, my E-brake lamp, my gear knob, my door handle.

Edgar, I had tried your method and it seems that the needle is too heavy to respond and very faulty. About the electric fan, yes I had think bout it too. Unfortunately, the clearance between the radiator and the direct fan is about 2-5cm only. I need to relocate my radiator farther by removing the front part of the radiator holder if I want an electric fan.


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