Thursday, June 25, 2009

Random : Transformers 2 : Revenge of the Fallen.

"Fuwahh!" is the only words that came out when we (Mok & me) arrived at the cinema area. Guess what, the cinema is full on a working day! All Transformers show from 10am till 12am was sold out! Of course we tried to get in the queue and thought of buying a ticket for tomorrow's show and we were lucky coz there's one couple seat left for today's so we took it. Hahaha. My luck I guess.

My score for the movie? 11/10! Yes, no doubt it is the BEST movie ever made and it is worth more than RM10 per movie. We will be watching it again on Imax, in a 3D version. Just go and watch it for yourself, it is really worth watchin it and full of action in 2hours plus. Awesome, awesome. That's all I can say when Im in the cinema.

Go watch it! Go! And please dont buy the pirates DVD, you wont get thrilled and enjoyed it coz there's a lot of animation and I can bet you the DVD version will failed you.

Some goodies from the cinema and Petronas. This will go to my collection vault. Hehehe.

The car was prepared just for the movie! Flare back on, new rims, and 3piston symptoms is back! More sign to do overhaul.

Bumble Bee in the movie is very funny and emo. I guess mine is same. Kekekeke. 3piston running also still went to the Jusco for the movie.

The butt. I wish the car is in good condition. Another 3-5years perhaps.

Mok is back! Wee. She came from JB just for the movie. Thank you dear for coming.


Ir. aSuRaMaRu™ said...

aku cukup dengki ngn ko!!!! x_X

Rosso said...

Dengki knape?

Anonymous said...

welkam..will be back next week!!wee


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